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The titular slugcat, perched on a pole.
Slugcat standing next to bomb spears

The mega-cute Slugcat is both the primary protagonist and single playable character in Rain World. It is a small white creature with black eyes, thin arms, comparatively broad legs with small feet, broad-ended ears, and a thick tail that tapers to a point. The player must keep the Slugcat alive as they explore the World, confront strange Creatures, and take part in challenging Quests.

Story (or backstory)[edit | edit source]

The intro cutscene starts with a huge tree, with a family of slugcats living there. The family of Slugcats sets off from the tree and start to explore. At one point it shows the family eating bats and then focuses on a juvenile Slugcat in the middle (That we presume is the protagonist) and looks up at the sky with a raindrop falling on their nose, showing the viewer that the rain has begun. The family starts to move to a hibernation pod or other safe place, but when they try to cross a broad pipe, lightning strikes and the juvenile slugcat falls into the water below. The cinematic ends by showing the viewer the slugcat waking up after the rain.

This is when you take control of the Slugcat, and your mission is to survive Rain World.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

As one of the weaker creatures in the food chain, Slugcat is still capable of certain survival abilities.

  • Walking, running, and crawling - With its flexible and agile body, the Slugcat can travel across the foreground on either two paws or four.
  • Climb - Slugcat can climb poles and other various objects to escape from enemies.
  • Sneak - In order to evade predators, Slugcat can crouch and sneak to prevent being noticed.
  • Jump - The Slugcat can jump to evade predators and get to higher grounds.
  • Swim - This Slugcat can also swim, how amazing!!!
  • Pounce - Slugcat can crouch on ledges to leap, allowing extra distance for bigger gaps.
  • Carry and throw items - Slugcat can hold a total of 3 items, one in each paw and one in its mouth that can be regurgitated for later use.

Slugcat is also followed around by a strange golden being that will provide tips via holographic-like images. It also dreams on occasion during hibernation, and some dreams may provide hints on where to go next.

Food[edit | edit source]

In order to survive, Slugcat must continue to eat whatever is available in this harsh landscape.

Herbivorous Food Source[edit | edit source]

  • Blue Fruit - It is a brightly colored pear shaped fruit and are normally described as "delicious". This fruit only grows on ceiling vines. After hibernation, these fruit may regrow if they were picked before. It is actually confirmed by Big sister Moon that the "fruit" is in fact a bug pupa, but it still counts towards the Monk Achievement. (Man, I'm getting mixed signals here!)
  • Bubble Fruit - They are blue "seeds" that are protected by a black shell and aren't edible at this stage. They grow from short sprouts on the ground and must be thrown into water before becoming edible. When watered, the seeds will 'pop' into a white fruit visibly similar to a bubble. Scavengers will also eat these and may challenge the Slugcat for possession of them.
  • Popcorn Plant - This red plant sports a skinny bulb and inhabits most regions. A closed Popcorn plant can be opened by throwing a stick at the bulb. The plant then becomes "agitated" and peels back the covering of the bulb, revealing popcorn-like kernels. They are edible and don't run out for that cycle. if the Slugcat hibernates after opening the plant, the popcorn plant drops the kernels and will grow them back after multiple cycles, then can be opened and eaten again.

Carnivorous Food Sources[edit | edit source]

  • Bats - The most common source of food for Slugcat and will fly in groups of 3 or more between rooms. They are difficult to catch but are the most plentiful.
  • Banana Slugs - Dead Banana Slugs can be eaten and can usually be found in proximity to alive ones.
  • Centipedes - The centipede is a nimble navigator; small centipedes are relatively harmless, but must be picked up and eaten immediately, or else they will stun Slugcat with electricity. Large centipedes are deadly and will attempt to electicute the Slugcat and eat them. once killed, They become an unlimited food source for Slugcat if brought into a hibernation pod.

Slugcat types[edit | edit source]

Different sub-species of Slugcat have different abilities and traits as well as different difficulties. These can be selected from the start up screen even if the game has never been completed. Different difficulties add different regions enemies and little story changes. There are only three confirmed variants of the Slugcat.

  • Red slugcat eats blue lizard
    Yellow slugcat (Easy)
    • Yellow is still a mystery, as the Devs have not yet gave any information about this Slugcat. Difficulty: easy.
  • White slugcat (Normal)
    • White has the standard slugcat abilities and follows its quest to find trancendence and escape the cycle. White is still young and lost its family during a downpour of the Rain.
  • Red slugcat (Hard)
    • Red has its own unique​ story and unique​ abilities; for example, the Red slugcat can put a spear on its back and carry another spear at the same time. The red slugcat can only eat meat so food could be harder to find. Spider crickets and Dropwigs will be encountered in its storyline. Difficulty: Hard.

Slugcat Pups[edit | edit source]

At some point, you will find Slugcat "pups" for you to take care of. They come in four colors:

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • White
  • Black

Slugcat Pups are only mildly intelligent, so handling them is hard.

If you neglect or treat the Pups badly, they will abandon you... or worse. The Developers say the Green Pup is the most dangerous.

Note: It is said that players may be able to acquire them for the PlayStation versions, but it is unknown if they're available for the PC version as the world is not fully explored, though it may be available in the next update.

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

The next update features an Arena mode, basically deathmatch. There will also be a co-op mode.

It is rumored that Player 2 in co-op will be able to choose their Slugcat's color, from the following colors: yellow, green, pink, or black.

Arena mode:

The future update will have arena mode, in which players can choose their own Slugcat's color, ranging from (currently known) yellow to white, red, or green. The only currently known goal for this multiplayer mode is death to other Slugcats.

There are different arena maps for the game, such as the following, some of which may span beyond one screen: