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There are two developers for Rain World:

The developers[edit | edit source]

Joar Jakobsson[edit | edit source]

Joar Jakobsson

"Joar is the King of Code!"

-cwearly1, Wiki Contributor

  • Role in Making the Game

Concept, Programming, Art and Design

  • Bio

Joar is a Swedish illustrator and graphic designer who is obsessively interested in every art form there is. Torn between a compulsion to experience the world and a compulsion to never leave his desk, Joar especially enjoys game-making; believing it to be one of the most diverse creative mediums out there. View his work here.

James Primate[edit | edit source]

Chip-tune Master! *bows down*

  • Role in Making the Game

Music, Sound, Business Junk

  • Bio

Composer for numerous game soundtracks including Junk Jack X and Gnomoria, James is also one half of Chiptune duo Bright Primate and can usually be found making music with hacked Gameboys. In his spare time, he enjoys pizza, synthesizers and vogon poetry. Hear his game work here.

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