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Five Pebbles is one of twelve regions in Rain World. Five Pebbles is the heart of the massive facility Slugcat has been traversing and is divided into several different sub-regions. Five Pebbles is unique for a few reasons; in addition to being a much more mechanical region compared to the rest of the world, virtually untouched by nature, much of the region is under the influence of gravitational distortion engines, which create a zero-gravity effect.

Creatures[edit | edit source]

The creatures that can be found in Five Pebbles include:

Food[edit | edit source]

Arena and Sandbox unlocks[edit | edit source]

The unlockable creatures, items and maps in this area are:

Creatures Daddy Long Legs

Sub-regions[edit | edit source]

  • Recursive Transform Arrays: Large, long rooms consisting of high voltage transformers that will easily fry a slugcat if one were to come into contact... like a bug to a bug-zapper.
  • Unfortunate Development: A dangerous, Daddy Long Legs infested climb which is unfortunately also the fastest way from bottom to top. Unfortunate Development is made only more dangerous by the malfunctioning gravity distortion engine in the sub-region, which will turn off periodically.
  • Memory Conflux: A grid of inspection chambers actively processing plastic neural tissue samples in parallel. Despite its alien appearance, the subregion lacks any lethal threats.
  • General Systems Bus: Home to the facility's iterator, the sub-region appears to be a living cyber-brain, a blend of organic neurons and high technology memory arrays.

Zero-Gravity Controls[edit | edit source]

The Five Pebbles region features zero-gravity movement, and learning the new moveset can be disorienting. Unlike swimming, slugcat is unable to directly accelerate in zero-gravity using the arrows keys, only able to reorient themselves as they propel around from large leaps. Movement is largely dependent on leaping off of poles or walls, although the player can maintain some slight influence on their momentum through rotation. Players may wish to look at the overall page for Controls for more details.

  • Pole-grab: Unlike the standard controls, slugcat will grab onto poles by pressing a button parallel to the pole's direction (i.e. up or down for vertical poles, and left or right for horizontal ones). Slugcat will not climb onto or let go of the pole using up/down.
  • Rope-grabbing: Several rope-like objects can be grabbed onto much like poles in regular controls, by holding up while going past. Just as with poles, slugcat won't let go of these by pressing down.
  • Leap: If slugcat is touching a wall or holding onto a pole or other object, pressing the jump button while holding a given direction will cause the player to leap in that direction.
  • Crawl: Slugcat can press up against a wall by holding the button towards it and crawl along it. Slugcat can even round corners this way if the player is careful. Their speed will be very low while doing this, however.
  • Throwing: Throwing rocks or spears allow will slightly boost the players speed in the direction thrown. This can be especially useful for avoiding last minute hazards while moving quickly. Note that objects can still only be thrown left or right, regardless of the players orientation.
  • Tail-Boosting: Slugcat can influence their momentum by throwing their tail about via rotation. Though this tends to be a slow and clumsy way of adjusting the player's trajectory, it remains useful, for instance, if slugcat slows to a halt midair. By rotating quickly and then stopping, the player will whip their tail and gain some slight momentum in the direction their tail was moving. Other methods of tail-boosting exist, such as wriggling back and forth.

List of gates to other regions[edit | edit source]

Map[edit | edit source]

Fivepebbles Map.png

Map in Game[edit | edit source]

5p In-Game v2.jpg

  • Download all .png in-game maps here.