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Achievements can be completed by the player in order to obtain perks in-game and achievements on platforms such as Steam or PSN. There are three varieties of achievements:

  • Passage achievements are awarded for specific in-game actions, and reward a Passage which can be used to teleport to any hibernation chamber the player has discovered. Some are awarded via a checklist, and some via a sliding progress bar. Both can be tracked in the hibernation screen if you wait long enough before continuing. As soon as some progress is achieved towards the quest, the symbol and its progress path will be revealed, and will stay visible unless the progress drops to zero again. The Survivor is the first of these, and must be completed before the player can view their progress towards any of the other achievements.
  • Story achievements are awarded for reaching specific points in the game's story or performing certain tasks related to the plot. They do not inherently reward the player with anything in-game (although some, such as Stolen Enlightenment or The Journey, are tied to a point where the player will receive significant rewards) but instead simply track the player's progress through the game.
  • Echo achievements are awarded upon finding the corresponding Echo of an ancient hidden somewhere in the world. If the player does not already have the highest max Karma, finding an echo will also increase their max karma. They will also be transported back to their previous hibernation chamber on a new cycle with max karma. A detailed list of the echoes and their locations can be found in the page for the Echoes, and a playlist showing their locations can be found here.

Passage Achievements[edit | edit source]

The Survivor[edit | edit source]

"This land has become your home"
This achievement is awarded by spending five cycles at the starting maximum karma level, which bears the same symbol as this passage. This does not need to be done all in a row; for instance if the player survives for two cycles at the max level, dies twice in a row, reaches the maximum again and survives for three cycles, they will earn the passage. In addition to awarding a passage, this achievement is also a prerequisite for unlocking any of the other passage quests. The player will not be able to see their progress towards any of the others until this achievement is completed, and will not be able to earn or use any passages before this one.

The Monk[edit | edit source]

"Path of the vegetarian"
This achievement can be obtained by eating only fruits, vegetables, and fungi for five cycles. Oddly enough, the player can also eat blue fruit, even though bringing one to Big Sister Moon reveals that they are the pupa of an insect. Surviving for one cycle this way increases the player's progress by 1/5th, while dying causes the player to lose half a cycle's worth of progress. If the player eats any meat (Such as batflies, centipedes, or jellyfish) and then reaches a hibernation chamber, their progress towards this will be set to zero unless the passage has already been earned.

The Hunter[edit | edit source]

"Path of the carnivore"
An inversion of The Monk, this achievement requires the player to survive for five cycles eating only living creatures, such as bats, centipedes, jellyfish, and vulture grubs. Like The Monk, surviving for a cycle this way increases progress by 1/5th, while death decreases progress by half a cycle. Additionally, eating any fruit or fungi and then sleeping in a hibernation chamber will reset the player's progress to zero unless the passage has already been earned.

The Saint[edit | edit source]

"Path of the pacifist"
This achievement can be obtained by not harming any creature with a spear for four cycles. One may assume this achievement is tied to The Monk, given its non-carnivorous nature, but eating creatures such as batflies or jellyfish does not hinder progress towards The Saint. If the player spears any creature, including predators such as lizards or vultures, the progress for this achievement will be set to zero unless the passage has already been earned.

The Outlaw[edit | edit source]

"Path of aggression"
Progress towards this achievement is earned by killing creatures which are not needed for food, including neutral creatures like lantern mice, scavengers, squidcadas, and jetfish, as well as predators such as lizards.

The Chieftain[edit | edit source]

"Embraced by a new tribe"
This achievement requires you to befriend the Scavengers, and is inherently tied to your global reputation with them. Progress can be gained by giving them gifts (such as pearls and vulture masks) and helping them fight off attackers. If the player steals from them, runs through a toll without paying, or otherwise harms them, their progress towards the achievement will decrease. Progress will also decrease slowly over time if the player simply hasn't made a significant impression on them (i.e. the achievement has not been earned and the player doesn't interact with any scavengers). Unlike other passages, your progress can decrease even after the passage has been earned if the player's reputation drops below the required level, and this will revoke the passage if it hasn't already been used. Since the achievement is tied to the player's global reputation with scavengers, it can also be used to gauge how friendly they will be to the slugcat; once it is earned, scavengers will let slugcat pass freely through tolls without paying.

The Wanderer[edit | edit source]

"Your travels have taken you far"
This achievement requires you to sleep once within each region. It is tracked by pips corresponding to a given region. Notably, the player cannot earn any progress towards this achievement until The Survivor is completed, so they will likely have to backtrack to The Outskirts for its pip.

The Dragon Slayer[edit | edit source]

"Predator has become prey"
This achievement can be obtained by killing at least one of each breed of lizards: green, magenta, blue, white, orange, and black. Red lizards are not required for this achievement due to their rarity, and salamanders are not considered a lizard for the purpose of this achievement. Progress is tracked via colored pips corresponding to each lizard.

The Friend[edit | edit source]

"One need not travel alone"
This achievement is earned by sleeping in a hibernation chamber with a friendly lizard for three cycles. A lizard can be tamed by repeatedly feeding it prey, such as squidcadas. After some effort, the lizard will eventually follow the player around and happily join them in a hibernation chamber.

The Scholar[edit | edit source]

"History lessons"
This achievement is tied to the pearls that are found throughout the game. Progress can only be acquired after visiting Five Pebbles and receiving The Mark, and is earned by hibernating with one of the unique colored pearls. Each new pearl will yield one pip, with the associated color. The player need only earn three pips to earn the achievement, even though many more colored pearls can be found. The achievement's name is indicative of their value when given to Moon, who can read the data stored within and reveal some lore associated with the area in which it was found. Doing this is not required to earn the achievement, however.

Story Achievements (Spoiler Warning!)[edit | edit source]

A New Friend[edit | edit source]

"You are not the only lost soul in this world.."
This achievement is rewarded after meeting Big Sister Moon, and will be earned upon hibernating. The player will see a vision of Moon in their sleep, and the achievement will be given. Notably, if the player eats a neuron, they will not receive this achievement, instead earning "Stolen Enlightenment".

Stolen Enlightenment[edit | edit source]

"A significant gain, but at what cost?"
This achievement is rewarded if the player eats one of Big Sister Moon's neurons and then hibernates. The player will see a vision of moon injured in their sleep, and the achievement will be given.

The Journey[edit | edit source]

'“Go west, past the Farm Arrays and then down deep into the earth...”'
This achievement is rewarded after the player meets Five Pebbles in the center of his complex. He will explain where you should go, and then send you on your way. After the player sleeps again, they will be greeted by another vision, and the achievement.

Pilgrimage[edit | edit source]

"The highest enlightenment, achieved by the hardest path. A feat even the guardians must respect"
This achievement requires the player to raise their maximum karma to the highest level without visiting Five Pebbles. To do this, the player must find four different echoes, each of which will raise their maximum karma by a small amount. This must be done before visiting Five Pebbles, and is earned as soon as the last echo raises their karma level.

Ascension[edit | edit source]

"You have left this world behind"
This achievement is awarded for reaching the end of the game, deep within The Depths. The achievement will be given when the ending credits start scrolling.

Echo Achievements[edit | edit source]

A list of the echo locations can be found on the page for Echoes. Each achievement is named after the ancient you will find in that location, and is earned upon finding them. Note that in order to encounter most of the Echoes, you must visit the echo's location twice and be at or near your maximum karma on your second visit.