Red Lizard

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"Red Lizard"
Easy/Normal: No natural spawns, only through lineage

Hard: Outskirts, Industrial Complex


Red lizards are the largest species of lizards in the game. They have a myriad of spikes on their backs and tend to have a very distinct red coloration in their spikes and head.

They cannot be natively found in any region when playing as The Monk or The Survivor, as their spawn chance is always at 0% by default. They can only spawn through the lineage system, by killing a lizard in a lineage den. (In order to find a lineage den, keep killing lizards until a different lizard spawns in one of the dens. The first different lizard that spawns in a den is almost never a red lizard.) Once the lineage of the den gets far enough, a red lizard may spawn in one of the dens of a lizard you have killed. These lizards can spawn in any region of the game where other lizards are present. Red lizards can be found natively as The Hunter.

Abilities/Behavior[edit | edit source]

Spitting[edit | edit source]

The red lizard is the only lizard in the game that spits projectiles, slowing you down and making prey easier to kill. The spit itself is not damaging but it briefly stuns you and makes you immobile. It can knock you off of poles quite easily, and can even cause you to drop your held items. Since it has the highest visual range in the game out of all the lizards, it is more likely to spot you before you see it and come charging.

Movement[edit | edit source]

Red lizards can climb poles and cover ground very quickly. The projectiles will slow down its target, letting it catch up to prey even faster.

Senses[edit | edit source]

Like most lizards, the red lizard can see and hear when something is close. However, the red's auditory and sight senses far outrange other lizards, making it nearly impossible to sneak by.

Bites[edit | edit source]

The red lizard is the most dangerous lizard in the game, with a 100% chance to kill with a bite.

Strategy[edit | edit source]


Combat[edit | edit source]

Red is the most difficult lizard to fight due to its tenacity, speed, and spit, but it can be defeated. Having scavenger bombs and spears help, as this lizard's toughness lets it stay on its feet even when hit in the head. Also this lizard tends to fight quick and dirty, you cannot outrun it, and if you try it will spit at you to stun you before swooping in for the kill bite. A tamed Green lizard can also help with the battle as they seem to have a much higher chance of killing it without being killed itself.

The best way to fight it is to trick it with tunnels, briefly when exiting a tunnel with a red, shove a spear into it, and tunnel back. Wait for it to follow before tunneling back out, then back in, grabbing the spear and spearing it again. This will work in very tight corner tunnels, but it also has a possibility of having the spear miss if you're not close enough to it. Since the red lizard is very tough, it can take 8 spear hits before dying. If the lizard gets too injured it will try to run, but unlike most other lizards, it will still snap at you if you get close. Be aware that while it is rare, this lizard can still perform the charge attack typical of green lizards. It is extremely fast but can be jumped over with some difficulty. This is the only lizard with a 100% bite kill chance, so one bite and it is over.

Stealth[edit | edit source]

Sneaking past this lizard is extremely difficult. If you are to attempt it, stay far out of its line of sight and crawl along the ground. Even sneaking perfectly may not suffice though, as it has the highest hearing range and visual range of all lizards and homes in on you relentlessly.

Evasion[edit | edit source]

This lizard is fast and can easily keep up with you. If it cannot it will spit at you until you are too stunned to stop it. Climbing on poles must be done quickly as the lizard will always attempt to spit and knock you down. One way to get away from it is to seek high ground. Red lizards can only climb poles, so if you get to an area they cannot climb or take a pipe to they will be unable to kill you. If caught on the ground and forced to flee without any tunnels to escape through, you can outrun it and dodge some of its spitting attacks by sliding along the ground, followed by the instant pounce this allows. Doing this consistently should allow you to survive an encounter.


Alternatively red lizards may be distracted by other creatures like squidcadas and scavengers, which they will regularly hunt. They may also be hunted by other creatures such as pole mimics or vultures, which provides a handy distraction for an escaping slugcat.

Taming[edit | edit source]

It can be done, although it is tedious and dangerous and you must know for sure where the lizard will spawn. It can be tamed with scavengers and squidcadas, the average amount needed to make it not attack you on sight being around 5 and the average amount needed to make it follow you and sleep in your shelter with you around 8. Another method of taming a red lizard is by repeatedly feeding lizards that only take one creature to tame in a region where you know a red lizard exists. Doing this will eventually make every lizard in the region tolerate being near you. If done correctly, moving near a red lizard shouldn't cause it to attack you. Not only does this method make it easier to get close to a red lizard and allow you to feed it, it also reduces the amount of food required to tame a red lizard.

Variants:[edit | edit source]

Three Red Lizard Variants.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Red lizards have the highest stats in Bite damage, Bite percentage, swimming speed, and visual range.
  • To make a red lizard appear on any difficulty except hunter you have to kill lizards in one region repeatedly until one respawns as a red lizard. This is caused by the Lineage System
  • Red lizards will fight one another if they get too close.
  • Very rarely spawns peach, pink or orange colored