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The titular slugcat, perched on a pole.
Slugcat standing next to bomb spears

The mega-cute Slugcat is both the primary protagonist and single playable character in Rain World. It is a small white creature with black eyes, thin arms, comparatively broad legs with small feet, broad-ended ears, and a thick tail that tapers to a point. The player must keep the Slugcat alive as they explore the World, confront strange Creatures, and take part in challenging Quests. Slugcat has a variety of movement abilities, which can be found detailed on the Controls page.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

The intro cutscene starts at a huge tree, with a family of Slugcats living there. The family of Slugcats sets off from the tree and start to explore. At one point the cutscene shows the family eating bats and then focuses on a juvenile Slugcat in the middle, the game's protagonist. The Slugcat looks to the sky, and a raindrop falls on their nose, showing the viewer that the rain has begun. The family starts to move to a hibernation pod or other safe place, but when they try to cross a broad pipe, lightning strikes and the juvenile Slugcat falls into the water below. The cinematic ends by showing the viewer the Slugcat waking up after the rain.

This is when you take control of the Slugcat, and your mission is to survive, thrive in, and ultimately explore the cruel but beautiful world around you.

Food[edit | edit source]

In order to survive, Slugcat must continue to eat whatever is available in this harsh landscape. Slugcat will find a variety of food, from fruits and fungus to bats and bugs. Some food will be easy to acquire, while others must be chased down or killed first. Some food will even fight back as slugcat attempts to make a meal of it. Details on the various types of food can be found on the food page.

Slugcat Varieties[edit | edit source]

(Note: This section refers to a currently beta feature of the game, which is expected to arrive in the next update)

Different sub-species of Slugcat have different abilities and traits as well as different difficulties. These can be selected from the start up screen even if the game has never been completed. Details can be found on the difficulties page. There are only three confirmed variants of the Slugcat:

  • Yellow Slugcat (The Monk): An easier, more relaxed experience, with less aggressive enemies and more guidance.
  • White Slugcat (The Survivor): The standard Rain World experience, with dangerous enemies and a constant hunt for food.
  • Red Slugcat (The Hunter): A more combat-oriented experience, featuring a carnivorous slugcat that must kill predators for food.

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

(Note: This section refers to a currently beta feature in the game, which is expected to arrive in the next update)

The post v1.01 update features an Arena mode, basically deathmatch. There will also be a co-op mode.

It is rumored that Player 2 in co-op will be able to choose their Slugcat's color, from the following colors: yellow, white, red, or black.

Arena mode:

The v1.50 update will have arena mode, in which players can choose their own Slugcat's color, ranging from yellow to white, red, or black. The only currently known goal for this multiplayer mode is death to other Slugcats.

There are different arena maps for the game, such as the following: